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  • What do we do? We support parents/guardians & children ages 5-17.

  • Do I need a referralNo referral needed. 

  • How do we support the children? We work one on one with the children to increase communication skills, coping skills, positive behavior change, social skills, academic help, mentoring support, impulse control, anger management, self-responsibility, boundary setting and much more.

  • How do we support parents/guardians? We give them support in areas by providing resource information that help improve the child’s current situations.

  • Where are we located? Lumberton, Livingston & Nederland. 

  • How do I sign up? Visit our website, click on tab "ONLINE PARENT QUESTIONNAIRE".

  • How much are your services? There is no charge to you for our services if your child is on Medicaid and one of the following: Texas Children’s, Community Health Services, Superior, or Molina.  If your child is not on Medicaid with one of the above Managed Care Organizations, there is a cash option available at $100 for 60 minute sessions.  The payment must be made at time of service. We accept cash, check or credit card payment with 3% processing fee. 

  • How long do sessions last?  60 mins

  • How often can the child or parent/guardian attend sessions? 1-3 times a week.

  • Do you prescribe or manage medication? No 

  • Do you see children in school, daycare, etc.? If parent/guardian & school agree, we can see the child at agreed time.  We can supply documents for this situation. 

  • Do you see children in their home? No, services are available at our three locations. Please see "Location & Contact Tab". 

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